Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And the title is...

Shadows of Tobago

Although Sever the Blossom received more votes, I decided to go with Shadows of Tobago. Last night I was working on my one-sheet (one of the documents I will be showing agents & editors at the conference), and the following phrase came to me while I was writing:

Unforeseen shadows linger in the corners of the tropical paradise 

The important aspect is that the title sets the tone of the novel. Below are a few comments of those who like the title:
"Shadows of Tobago, implies mystery and intrigue"
"Gives it a sinister tone"
"Sounds ominous"

Remember, my novels are Romantic Suspense with elements of Thriller. An article I read last night, by an agent I hope to pitch to this weekend, said that the title needs to set the tone for the story. And that's just what Shadows of Tobago does!

What are your thoughts?

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