Friday, October 14, 2011

My Poem

Ok, I'm laying it all out on the line here. Below you'll find the poem I entered into the contest mentioned below in "What's Next?" Please keep in mind that I am NOT a poet, and the poem is surely flawed. I'd like to post it anyway, simply for the pleasure of anyone who appreciates poetry.

Ascent of the Willow

Under the gaze of the towering Cottonwood Tree,
Grew the will of the willow strong and free.
Residing by the stream so desired the youngling,
To touch the great branches of the Cottonwood Everlasting.

Knowing impossible could he reach so high,
Still continued the willow its fullest to thrive.
Impenetrable by insects its trunk was built;
Long beautiful branches with bounteous leaves were filled.

Whilst surpassing all others in its glorious upward ascent,
Followed by a tempest did an East Wind blow in.
As the faithful willow suffered a fatal blow,
The fight went on; the trunk did not hollow.

Though the branches remained, the leaves slowly withered.
The willow from its life swiftly would be severed.
Nonetheless, it continued its never ending strive to reach
The uppermost heights of the Cottonwood Tree.

As the wind gusted through its branches, and leaves fell one by one,
The willow turned upwards one last time the noble Cottonwood
to gaze upon.
He watched in amazement as the loving branches of the Tree
over him did spread;
His mission had finally been accomplished –
he could lay down his weary head.

The remaining leaves fell and only a lifeless trunk remained,
But the Eternal Cottonwood would recall the fierce warrior
again and again.
Then in sight did appear a fledgling willow of the same kind,
Who in its upward call to duty its fruits shall also find.

In honor and memory of
Second Lieutenant Phillip Neil

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