Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm ready to roll!

Some of you may be visiting my blog for the first time due to my email marketing campaign (if I can call it that). By sending a brief synopsis of Charge of the Beast, I am attempting to promote myself through friends, family members and other acquaintances. My hope is that the original email will be forwarded by my contacts, to their own contacts, and on and on.
I’m ready to get going on this. I need to do my part as a new author and establish an audience who will be ready to read my novel once it is published.

With that, I leave you this:

§   Are you interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
§   Have you ever wondered what is inside the mind of a Palestinian woman training to be a suicide bomber?
§   Has your curiosity about these subjects ever caused you to read an article or book to learn more about the effects that the war has on both Israeli and Palestinian citizens?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please read the following synopsis for my novel, Charge of the Beast.

NOTE: I have shortened this synopsis from the original blog entry, as I feel that I gave away too much!

Ten year old Eliana frantically awakens in the hospital. The last thing she remembers is shopping with her mother, Rina, at the Machane Yehuda outdoor market in Jerusalem.
Four weeks prior, Ismat, a nineteen year old Palestinian who lives in Gaza, mourns for her father. He was killed by an Israeli soldier almost a year beforehand. Her sorrow turns to anger, and she decides she wants vengeance.
Eliana is forced to go to America to live with her paternal grandparents in Mississippi. While packing to leave her homeland, she discovers a treasure: her mother’s written account detailing the story of her life with Eliana’s deceased father, Aidan.

During her lengthy flight to her new home, Eliana engrosses herself in her parent’s love story, which takes place in Israel.
Eliana’s soul journey, experienced through the life of her parents during their time together, transforms her into a child mature beyond her years.

Eight years later, she finds herself at an elite university. Through what appears to be a band of coincidental encounters, Eliana is able to share the legacy her mother left behind with others who are in the midst of tumultuous circumstances.

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  1. Ruth,
    Good on ya!
    You're doing the right things, just keep at it. One foot in front of the other, all in God's timing. He is faithful and when the timing is right, it will happen.
    (And believe me, May the K9 Spy knows after waiting 28 dog years that our timing is not His!)
    Keep praying and polishing and learning. I hear we continue on this path until He calls us Home! ;D