Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's Next?

On Thursday I entered two pieces into the Writer's Digest annual competition. Here is a brief summary:

Genre Short Story
Title: Healed
Summary: After twelve years of suffering from a life-debilitating disease, a thirty-two year old woman determines that she will never be healed from her affliction. What she believes to be punishment for her malicious behavior toward her dying mother results in a miracle she never expected.

Rhyming Poem
Title: Ascent of the Willow
Summary: This poem is an allegory which brings life to a majestic cottonwood tree and a young willow tree. The analogy can be left to the reader's own imagination. My inspiration was the death announcement at church over four years ago of one of our young war heroes, who after being fatally wounded, continued to fight until his dying breath.

After winners are announced in October, I will post both of these pieces on my blog!

I'd like to mention that I am by no means a poet, and this is the only poem decent enough to merit public exposure. The short story is also a first in my writing career.

Now that I've accomplished this milestone, I'll begin working on the next: my second novel!

More to come...

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