Thursday, September 8, 2016

Red Dress with Handcuffs

Does it seem a bit odd to any of you that I wore a red dress with handcuffs attached to it on the first night of the writer’s conference? If so, there’s an explanation!

At ACFW’s annual conference, the tradition is to dress up according to your genre or a character in your novel for the first dinner, also known as Genre Night. It’s not a requirement, and most people don’t do it according to what I saw a few weeks ago.

So there you got it, Red dress for Romance. Handcuffs for suspense/thriller. Like the picture?

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  1. How exciting! Sounds quite intriguing. Can't wait to get a signed copy.

  2. I love it! Tres chic! Very elegant and risqué. Lol

  3. Thanks! I actually talked to a lady in the elevator who had commented on the outfit. She said it was not too risque for a Christian writer's conference, and she absolutely loved it! Not that I was concerned, as it was my means for the agents I spoke with that night to remember me when they received my submissions. They all said they would!

  4. You obviously have a creative mind as well as being a fashion diva! Love it!

  5. You are so beautiful to me, Can't you see?! ;) Keep up the great work, Ruthie! I'm so proud of you! XO