Thursday, May 24, 2012

Keep on Blogging

I decided to temporarily postpone blogging since I felt no one was reading my posts, especially the snippets from Charge of the Beast.

A fellow writer friend encouraged me to start blogging again. It's not necessarily about the number of readers, she said, it's more about doing it for yourself. I guess I'm preparing myself for future blogs when people will hopefully be reading as fans of a published author!

So, I'll start 'em back up. If anyone ever read my previous posts which included snippets from CotB and would like for me to keep posting more, let me know and I'll be happy to do so.

Comments, anyone??


  1. sometimes you feel like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest when no one is around, asking, "does anyone hear this?". I used to write a blog but finally gave it up. It just consumed too much time. I'd say, stick with your novel writing with all your spare time.

  2. It's like a public private journal. Wrting can sometimes trigger more ideas for your novel. Have you ever tried to think of something but it just wouldn't come to you until you stopped trying to think of it? Blogging could be the "stop thinking" on your novel but you'd still be writing.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Wow, two. That's a record!!

  4. Hey Ruth,
    It's hard to know HOW to build this thing they call platform.
    I don't blog as you know...
    Just don't have time - and we'll see how Facebook shapes up. I'm giving it until first of the year to see if it's worth the investment of time...
    We just have to do what works for US, keep in fellowship, and follow the Lord's lead!
    Whatever you decide, keep writing!!!!!!!